There is always so much inspiration in your favorite shows and films for Halloween costumes. Here are a 10 that will be trending this year.

The Sanderson Sisters of “Hocus Pocus”

Your favorite witch sisters – Winifred Sanderson (Bette Midler), Sarah Sanderson (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mary Sanderson (Kathy Najimy) – have returned in the sequel to “Hocus Pocus.” Whether you choose to don a red, blonde or brunette wig and dress as your favorite sister, or grab two friends for a group costume, you won’t go wrong with these witchy looks.

“Our Flag Means Death” Cast

HBO pirate series/LGBTQ romcom, “Our Flag Means Death,” has several fun characters to dress as. There’s “The Gentleman Pirate” Stede and his frilly looks, the gruff Blackbeard and his leather ensembles, King George and his ruffled collar and more.

Eddie Munson, Vecna or the Demogorgan from “Stranger Things”

“Stranger Things” has become more popular than ever and the large cast of characters definitely offers something for everybody. Whether you want to go 1980s metalhead with a long wig, denim jacket and Metallica t-shirt, a la Eddie Munson, or scare the crowd with a Vecna or Demogorgon costume, you will definitely make an impact.

“House of the Dragon” Cast

With this huge cast, it will be hard to choose someone to dress as, however, who can resist an eyepatch and a long platinum wig? You are likely to see at least one reveler dressed as Aemond Targaryan’s badass character. 

“Top Gun: Maverick” Cast

With the sequel to “Top Gun” making a hit this year, it is the perfect time to put on a flight suit and aviator glasses and do your best Tom Cruise or Jon Hamm impersonation. This is also a good idea for a group costume.

“Wednesday” Cast/Addams Family or “The Munsters”

Gen-X celebrators can dress as their childhood favorites from “The Addams Family” or “The Munsters” as both have made comebacks this year. Both casts offer fun options, from the campiness of Herman Munster to the creepiness of Uncle Fester to the dark fun of Wednesday Addams.


Dressing like Elvis never goes out of style, but this year it is especially on trend thanks to the recent biopic starring hottie Austin Butler. And there are so many options! You could be Elvis in his prime or an older, bloated Elvis. The choice is yours. Just don’t forget that pompadour

“Yellowjackets” Cast

Intrigued by the Showtime series “Yellowjackets”? You can go extra scary by dressing as the Antler Queen or just wear a soccer uniform and some fake blood from the plane crash and call it a day.

Dearly Departed Celebs


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We’ve lost a lot of gay icons this year– Olivia Newton-John, Angela Lansbury, Naomi Judd, Queen Elizabeth II and Ivana Trump. It is the perfect time to do drag! Pop on a wig and honor these divas. 

Horror Classics

Of course, you can’t go wrong dressed as Jason from “Friday The 13th,” or Pennywise from “It,” a vampire inspired by “Interview with the Vampire” or “What We Do in the Shadows” or “Vampire Academy” or Pinhead/Hell Priest from “Hellraiser.”