Tym Moss (L), Ike Avelli (R)

Ike Avelli began his entertainment career by accident in 2009 (look below to find out how). He supports his community by raising funds and has performed for LIFEbeat, The Imperial Court of NY, Gay Men’s Health Crisis, The Trevor Project, and The Ali Forney Center among others. He has appeared on many talk/radio shows in the U.S. and Internationally. Ike also Co-hosted on the #1 Show on Wildfire Radio, “The Idiots” and has appeared in the LGBTQ publications of Get Out and Next Magazine. Since 2013, Ike wrote, produced, and starred in 13 original shows.

Tym Moss is a dynamic New York City performer and LGBT activist (was the past president of the Board attempting to create an LGBT Center in the Bronx). He is a Singer/Songwriter, Actor/Writer, Stage & Radio Host, Producer, etc. He has performed on stages around the country and appeared in film, TV, and theater. Tym is also one of the hosts of Comedy Sex Show, Loose Lips and also If These Walls Could Talk soon to air on UBC TV.  Tym is also an executive producer of UBC TV Network. His weekly internet radio show Artists Exposed with Tym Moss ran for 10 years & featured Celebrities, Red Carpet events & LGBT luminaries.

One of the shows that Ike wrote and Tym stars in with him is “50 Shades of Gay,” which was a hit in NYC during Pride 2015 and sold-out Bally’s in Atlantic City in 2019. It was also part of the 2017-2019 Rochester Fringe Festival and sold out all four nights. The Huffington Post called it “the performance of the summer,” while hailing Ike Avelli as the “mastermind of creativity.”

A couple weeks before “50 Shades of Gay,” plays for 2 nights only at The Pub (Saturday, Dec 10 at 8pm (with special guest Angel Elektra and Sun, Dec 11 at 7pm with special guest Shay D’Pines), I thought it would be nice to sit down with Ike and Tym for this exclusive Hotspots Interview.

When did each of you start performing?

Ike – I started performing late in life in the 2009. I idolized Joan Rivers my whole life. A talkent dropped out and asked me to step in.

Tym – I have been a performer for as long as I can remember, all my life. I remember seeing Barbara Streisand performing in Central Park when I was a kid, and I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I grew up emulating her and she taught me how to sing before I studied professionally.

You have both traveled a lot, do you have a favorite city or venue (other than here in South Florida) and why?

Ike – Boise Idaho stands out because it was way more diverse and accepting that we anticipated.

Tym – We also performed in Rochester where the audiences are also great. I also loved Ashville.

Who are some of your mentors/heroes?

Ike – It was always Joan Rivers as a comedian. I also love Sandra Bernhard and Whoppi Goldberg. Barbra Streisand has also been a huge icon for me.

Tym – Since I was a kid, I wanted to do it all. So, John Belushi and Gilda Radner (SNL) to Streisand, Bette Midler, and Whitney Houston.

What celebrity did you meet that made you star struck?

Ike – Tym introduced me to Linda Lavin, and when I was a kid, I watched Alice every single week, so it was the most incredible experience.

Tym – I cover a lot of red carpets in NY, so I have grown accustomed to meeting celebrities. But I met Mariah Carey at the GLAAD Music awards and I was star struck. 

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Ike – funny, warm, and faithful

Tym – talented, effervescent, and fun 

Describe each other in 3 words?

Ike (describing Tym) – pioneer, talented, and sincere

Tym (describing Ike) – Friend, loyal and hysterical. 

You are each multi-talented (writing, acting, etc.) is there one you like more than the others?

Ike – I love live performing more than anything. Its due to the immediate reaction from the audience. It’s so energetic for me.

Tym – I love everything, but my favorite is to sing to a live audience and make them feel something. 

What do you guys do for fun?

Ike – I love when, I have the opportunity, to see another artist perform.

Tym – I have the best times of my life on stage with Ike, so performing is my fun. 

Tell our readers about 50 Shades Of Gay?

Ike – It’s an adult variety show filled with everything from comedy, music, drag, video sketches and audience participation. We have gifts for participating. Come out and have fun, I promise you will have a ball.

Tym – It’s a very fast moving, energetic show and I guarantee you will like this show, so all you ho ho ho’s come out for our Holiday show.

For more information on Ike or Tym, you can check out their websites at: Ikeavelli.net or Tymmoss.com or you can follow them on Instagram.com/Ikeavelli or /Tymmoss.