A gay kiss in Final Fantasy 16, yes you heard it right. It’s Prince Dion Lesage, the Dominant of Bahamut. The king of dragons is gay. It’s all too rare to see LGBTQ+ representation in high-profile AAA games. But to see it here, in a Final Fantasy game too, was such a moment of joy for the community players. Dion and his attendant, Terence, share a quiet heart to heart inside his tent, discussing the intricacies of war with the neighboring Dhalmeks – a conversation spurred by anxiety. Then they kiss, a tender moment among the bloodshed as they both consider what’s at stake. And then they move on. It’s authentic and normalized. It’s not sexual, but simply two characters sharing intimacy. Dion’s sexuality is only referenced once more later (as well as in a description of their relationship in the game’s Active Time Lore feature) in a deeply affecting, tragic moment with little dialogue that’s a testament to the game’s visuals and acting. For the most part, Dion’s sexuality is simply a part of his character that defies explanation. He simply is gay. It has no bearing on the plot yet has huge ramifications for LGBTQ+ players.