Trans activist and actor TS Madison has been feuding with fellow actor and comedian Jess Hilarious online, and it is getting very ugly between the two public figures. As reported by Rolling Stone, it all started when Jess posted an Instagram response to a video by trans-TikTok creator Blessing Rose in which she claimed that cisgender women “don’t own womanhood or periods.” Jess took issue with the comment and posted a flaming retort.

In the since-deleted video, she asked who is going to stand up for biological women. She also asked, “What is the difference between a trans person and someone who has been diagnosed to be mentally insane? The only difference is you don’t have a straitjacket on.”

Catching wind of Jess’s comments, Madison issued her own retort attempting to explain why Jess and other women who share her views might be upset. Madison wrote, “There are so many ‘real’ women that get mistaken for being ‘transgender’ women and that’s where a lot of the anger comes from. Jess then promptly responded to Madison in an Instagram post warning her to “Keep that shit over there.” Thus a war has begun with some siding with Jess’s comments and others siding with Madison.