Gather at the Sunshine Cathedral Center for the Performing Arts on Sunday, March 23, for “Music Heals’ ‘ featuring the incredible Amy Armstrong. Rising to fame from the renowned Gentry of Chicago, Armstrong captivates audiences with her unparalleled blend of music and humor, which has earned her the title of “Bacon Diva.” With her angelic voice and quick wit, she has dominated the Cabaret circuit and performed across the globe. Needless to say, her fans adore her unique style and infectious charm. This event at Sunshine Cathedral guarantees an unforgettable evening of entertainment that you would not want to miss for anything in this world. Tickets for this extraordinary event start at just $35, offering a chance to experience the magic of music and laughter with Amy Armstrong. Sunshine Cathedral Center For The Performing Arts is America’s leading LGBTQ+ live entertainment series. Further information is available on