On Saturday, Congress passed a government spending bill morning to avert a partial government shutdown, but the legislation has triggered complaints from both parties. Several provisions have drawn criticism, including a ban on pride flags at U.S. embassies and the absence of additional funding for border security. As part of the spending bill, the House Office of Diversity and Inclusion will be closed down and replaced by the Office of Talent Management. This move comes four years after the establishment of the non-partisan diversity office aimed at promoting diversity within Congress. Another contentious provision prohibits the flying or displaying of any flag other than the U.S. flag at U.S. State Department facilities. This reverses a 2021 authorization allowing U.S. embassies to display LGBTQ+ pride flags. House Speaker Mike Johnson reportedly advocated for this provision, which drew criticism from the White House, promising to work towards its repeal. The Human Rights Campaign condemned these Republicans for using the appropriations process to target LGBTQ+ individuals.

Additionally, Speaker Johnson faced backlash from members of his party for supporting a spending bill that increased government spending. Despite internal divisions, both the White House and Capitol Hill leadership endorsed the funding agreement. Split into two parts, the bill provides funding for various departments until September 30, requiring Congress to revisit the budgetary process.