In response to ongoing legislative attacks against queer individuals, entertainment pioneers Candis Cayne and Danna Davis launched Mary, It’s Mary Productions. This company is dedicated to sharing trans-centric stories infused with positivity and humor. The name “Mary” holds historical significance, reclaimed from an antigay slur to a term of endearment between the two friends. Through this production, Cayne emphasizes the importance of empathy and connection, hoping to bridge gaps between communities through shared experiences. Despite challenges, she remains hopeful for a more inclusive future, recognizing art as a catalyst for progress in LGBTQ+ rights. Cayne hosted her own DIY gardening/comedy show, Candis Cayne’s Secret Garden, recently aired on The Advocate Channel. The show follows Glam Goddess Candis Cayne as she “invites you into her ‘secret garden’. The show features Cayne and her magical friends revealing the best ways to transform any space into an enchanted garden. it promises to be a whimsical and visually stunning experience, combining Cayne’s gardening expertise with a playful and imaginative world. The show is now available on Hulu.