Nikki Blonsky, the 35-year-old Golden Globe- and SAG Award-nominated actor best known for her role as Tracy Turnblad in the 2007 musical “Hairspray,” has revealed that she and her partner, Hailey Jo Jenson, have officially tied the knot. The couple, who announced their engagement in September 2022 after going public in June of that year, eloped last year. Blonsky and Jenson shared the news of their nuptials and details about their relationship in an exclusive interview with Out. Both Blonsky and Jenson, who uses they/them pronouns, expressed their joy in discussing their marriage for the first time. Jenson, a longtime fan of Blonsky, described their relationship as a “dream come true.” Blonsky fondly recalled their first online interaction during a TikTok LIVE session. Blonsky said, “There was something about them and their presence and just their smile. It was electric. I remember my heart literally just stopping.” When they finally met in person, both Blonsky and Jenson knew they had found their forever partner. The couple’s happiness and mutual admiration were evident as they shared their story, finishing each other’s sentences and smiling throughout the interview. Congratulations to the amazing couple!