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‘Straight Pride’ Leader Wants to ‘Ban All Homosexual Marriage’

Don Grundmann is not having the best month. He is very much not at all racist, and yet the people of Modesto, California, have...

Chairman of Students for Trump Thinks ‘Misgendering’ is Funny

As if I needed another reason to love Elizabeth Warren, she's gone and done something yet again that has upset right-wing Republicans. Granted, she...

Heritage Foundation Research Fellow Suggests Same-Sex Commitments Are Not Possible

The U.S. government is locking children in cages and refusing to give them soap or toothpaste, but for some folks, the most pressing issue...

Right-Wing Radio Preacher vs. Taylor Swift

I just finished watching the music video for Taylor Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down.” It’s cute. It’s catchy. And all of Big Gay...

Tennessee Preacher’s Sermon Promotes LGBTQ Hate

“Can we at least agree that we can hate them?” That’s a question posed by Grayson Fritts, a preacher in Knoxville, Tennessee in a sermon...

The Rainbow Flag Won Out During Pride Month

June is Pride Month, which means anti-LGBTQ folks are losing their goddamn minds. I attended Motor City Pride in Detroit with my wife, our son...