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Can He be ‘Happy to See Me’ if He’s Sleeping?

Hey Woody! Don’t laugh, but my boyfriend f--ks me when he’s asleep. I know he’s not pretending because he snores while he’s f--king me! It...

Gender Roles? How Quaint!

Hey Woody! I’ve always been the raging top and my boyfriend the insatiable bottom. But lately he’s been bugging me to reverse our banging sessions....

Is ‘Pee-Shy’ a Legitimate Condition?

Hey Woody! I’ve got a problem I’m too embarrassed to ask anyone about. Whenever I go out, especially to the bars, I can’t seem to...

Woody’s Got Talent: Top Six Favorite Gay Jokes

Hey Woody! What are your favorite gay jokes? --- Waiting for a chuckle Joke #1 Why do gay men name their penises? *Because they want to be on a...

Is He Sparking Up Some Problems?

Hey Woody! My pothead boyfriend smokes at least every other day and he’s got zero interest in sex. The only thing standing upright in my...

Dirty Deed: Is Silence Really Golden?

Hey, Woody! I slept with my best friend’s boyfriend.  It was a drunken mistake and I have no desire to repeat it. I want to tell...