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I Caught My Boyfriend Making Out with Another Guy

Dear Andreus, Usually, my boyfriend and I go barhopping together, unless we have plans with our friends separately. A few weeks ago, he made plans...

This Guy I’m Dating is Way Too Into Himself

Dear Andreus, There is a guy that I really like, and we spend so much time together. The only problem is that I can never...

Is It Wrong For Me to Date Multiple Guys at Once?

Dear Andreus, I have been single for a couple years now and have been putting myself back out there again.  I have grown tired of...

I Hooked Up With My Twin Brother’s Husband

Dear Andreus, I am an identical twin. My brother and I are not only identical in features, but in our mannerisms, our habits and in...

My Best Friend Stole My Promotion!

Dear Andreus, My best friend and I work at the same place, though I have been there longer. We both applied for a newly created...

Living With My Best Friend Has Ruined Our Relationship

Dear Andreus, My best friend moved in with me about two months ago. We have been the very best of friends and super close for...