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LGBT History Month Icon 2021: Johnnie Phelps

Decorated WWII Veteran b. April 4, 1922 d. December 30, 1997 “It would be unfair of me not to tell you, my name is going to head...

LGBT History Month Icon 2021: Shannon Minter

Transgender Supreme Court Attorney b. February 14, 1961 “This is how we win; not by being confrontational but by showing people we want to contribute to...

LGBT History Month Icon 2021: Susan B. Anthony

American Suffragist b. February 15, 1820 d. March 13, 1906 “Men their rights and nothing more; women their rights and nothing less.” Susan Brownell Anthony was an American...

LGBT History Month Icon 2021: David Cicilline

U.S. Congressman b. July 15, 1961 “The American people deserve to know who will stand up and speak out for those on the margins of society.” David...

LGBT History Month Icon 2021: Alice Dunbar-Nelson

Author & Activist b. July 19, 1875 d. September 18, 1935 “Unwittingly, you’ve made me dream Of violets, and my soul’s forgotten gleam” Alice Dunbar-Nelson was a racially-mixed bisexual...

LGBT History Month Icon 2021: Stacey Milbern

Disability Rights Activist b. May 19, 1987 d. May 19, 2020 “I would want people with disabilities 20 years from now to not think that they’re broken.” Stacey...