April 9 2009

GaYBOR & Tampa Bay Gossip & News


Dishing v2415Some Sad News
Last Saturday  Rex Maniscalco had a heart attack and passed away suddenly.  Our deepest condolences to his family and friends. We will all miss him and his for his dedication to the LGBT community; his memories will live long in our hearts though his photography.

Thursday’s Will Never be the Same Again!
The Famous Judy B. Goode Show with piano man Paul Thomas is not only coming back to Ybor City, the Tea Cup Party featuring Tea Cup as bartender will be together again! For over 6 years these two shows/parties were together. Playing at places like Grand Central Station, the Vault, Chambers and for over 3 years at The Sun Coast Resort. The party starts Thursday, April 9th at the Ybor City Social on North 15th Street in Ybor City. Doors open at 5 with the show starting at 6. But wait, there is even more! Following the show will be college night and a contest hosted by Miss Joey Brooks! That’s right there will be 3 first ladies at “The Social” that night! Miss Joey Brooks, the First Lady of Ybor; Tea Cup, the First Lady of GaYBOR and Miss Judy B Goode, the First Lady of Music!

A Crazy Night in GaYBOR
Last Saturday night started out like any other. MC Film was abuzz with male dancers shopping for underwear to prance in later that night. Birthday cards were flying out the door (By the way, happy belated birthday to owner Larry Bernstein at Streetcar Charlie’s!) while guys were picking up all the evening gay essentials. Across the street at L’ Olivier’s Bistro and Cabaret the second show was winding down. Sandi & Paul from Czar were all dressed up looking very haut couture. On to Spur’s Country to check out the new Saturday karaoke night on the outdoor patio. It was a beautiful night and Bill was the karaoke spinning wizard. People were walking in off the streets; to our surprise several Broadway performers were there, as was local international artist Theo Wujcik. At G.Bar the music was almost as hot as the crowd was! Packed wall-to-wall with hot sweaty bodies, and that’s a good thing! Consistently the #1 party in the area on Saturday nights and it’s easy to see why.

St Pete’s Italian Cafe Goes Wild
Congratulations to partners Chef Phil & John of Cafe Dolce in the Grand Central District on Central Ave. in St. Pete. Known for its coffee house, the duo has changed the line-up and variety of the bistro. Coming from the Lake Geneva, WI tourism getaway, they moved to St. Pete to retire and guess what? A restaurant was being sold and the duo changed direction and re-established their dining names on the Blvd. Their slogan is “Love, live, laugh ‘n enjoy good food.” The first Sunday of the month is called the Taste of Italy, an eight-course extravaganza. The monthly special menu changes, but get set for spinach and cheese frittata, Italia Wedding Soup, chicken Salerno roasted with Italian sausage, potatoes and peppers in garlic white sauce. Don’t forget about Chef Phil’s signature desserts! Reservations are required. Cafe Dolce is at 2444 Central Ave. (727) 327-3990.
Only in GaYBOR! Diversity to the extremes and we’re all loving it!