Shout Karaoke (109 N. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach) is the newest addition to Palm Beach County nightlife, and it offers an experience that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, and you’ll leave completely awestruck and happy.SBS-Shout_copy2

Do you like singing but you’re afraid of strangers judging you? You can reserve a “karaoke box” for you and your friends and sing to your heart’s content, all the while having fun and not worrying one iota about strangers — because they aren’t there! You can even rent a karaoke box for special events as well: with HD TVs everywhere, these rooms can be transformed into sports match viewing party venues with a snap of the fingers.

In addition to eleven separate karaoke boxes, there is a game room available for your enjoyment, plus a main lounge area where you can sing for everyone in attendance (and they can sing along too, with the lyrics shown on a 14-foot screen!).

I talked with Luca Massetti, general manager at Shout Karaoke, about the business and why it’s all the rage in West Palm Beach.

Why was West Palm Beach chosen as the first city for Shout Karaoke?

SBS-Shout_copy3We wanted to add to the nightlife options in downtown West Palm. People can come here and just have fun. There’s no pressure about having to wait in lines or having to buy a certain amount of things. You just come in dressed as you are and sing your heart out.

Music is the one thing that brings everyone together and it’s all about that for us — bringing people together. It’s about leaving the venue knowing you made friends, you had a good time, and everyone was having fun. That’s what it’s all about.

Tell me a little bit about the “karaoke boxes” and what the experience is like singing in one.

It’s a very cool personal experience. There’s a whole digital library available; we don’t even have SBS-Shout_copy1books. You can pick your songs by iPad and you can access the whole digital library from there. We also have an app available for iPhone/Android and you can access the whole digital library from your phone. Then you can tell your bartender your choices and pay at the bar.

The sound quality is awesome here; you don’t have any other distractions behind you like other people, or traffic noises. You can change the volume levels to suit yourself, and you can hear yourself sing. It feels like you’re in a studio. You can use the rooms to practice and then you can go out and do it in public if you want!

For more information on Shout Karaoke, call (561) 833-2290 or visit