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Move It, Mister, With This Boot Camp Routine!

Looking for ways to put some heat under your summer workouts? Need to liven things up and maybe take it to the outdoors? Why not try a boot camp approach? The following regimen is an example of the type of routine our men and women in uniform put their bodies through to stay fit and ready to face daily challenges.  

After a five- minute series of upper body stretches begin with 3 sets of eight to twelve pull-ups. Grasp an overhead bar with hands wide apart. Proceed to pull yourself up until the head is above the bar. Pause, and then return to starting position. Take no more than 10 seconds between sets!  

Next, move on to triceps by performing 3 sets of eight to twelve close grip push ups on the floor. Remember, these are excellent total upper-body exercises, but when you move your arms in closer to the body, palms down, hands almost touching, you are really blasting your triceps. 

While your triceps are still burning, move on to biceps with stretch cord curls. Grasp both ends of a stretch cord in front of you, with the middle under both feet. Proceed to curl the arms up. Pause, then return to starting position. Perform as many reps as you can (15, 20, 30, etc.) then pause, stretch, and do another set to burn those biceps out. 

Next, tackle shoulders with a series of compound movements sure to sculpt deltoids worthy of a Navy Seal. Grasp dumbbells, palms in at sides. Proceed to extend them out until arms are parallel to the floor. Do a set of eight to twelve of these lateral (side) dumbbell raises. Without a break proceed to do a set of eight to twelve alternating front raises. Pause, do another set of lateral raises followed again by alternating front raises. 

After completing a brief (5-10 minute) run and a few wind sprints, proceed to take the lower body through a little routine of its own. Begin with barbell front lunges. With a barbell on the upper back, step forward with one leg. Proceed to lunge until the thigh is parallel to the floor. Pause, then return to starting position. Perform 3 sets of eight to twelve alternating reps with each leg.

Jump-squats are next. Find a grassy space outside or a large secure mat space if you are indoors. Squat or crouch deeply so that your butt is almost touching the ground, cross your arms across your chest. Proceed to jump up high and forward as explosively as you can. As you land securely on your feet, squat deeply again and jump up high and backward as powerfully as possible. Go back and forth with these for 3 sets of eight to twelve reps.

Finish this workout with 3 sets of fifty to one hundred crunches.   

Tom Bonanti is a certified personal trainer and massage therapist (MA#40288) with his own one on one facility Pumpnincgym.com in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Contact trainertomb@aol.com with questions or to set up an appointment today.