March launches the season of love. Here are the steamiest love songs that should be added to your playlists this spring.

“Dance with Me”

J.R. Price and Tom Goss team up on “Dance with Me”, an impassioned love song about the power dance has to bring a couple together.  The song is the fourth release from Price’s Daydream album and was heavily influenced by Meghan Trainor’s duets with Charlie Puth and John Legend.  Price and Goss put their hearts and souls into the song, elevating it to be one of the most beautiful duets of the season.

“Sweet Tooth”

Zāna’s new single from her This is Autumn EP is a classic love connection story, before social media and dating apps, when cats would cruise clubs, find that hot guy, dance, and get to know each other.  In “Sweet Tooth”, Zāna forgets to exchange digits with the fella and is left with those dreaded ‘what if?’” feelings.  Oh, the agony.  But it sure makes for a hot, sultry pop track with an R&B vibe that is reminiscent of the greats by Toni Braxton and Sade.

“Love Yah”

The title track to Jack Tracy’s soon-to-be released EP is an ode to gay nightlife.  Drawing inspiration from early 2000’s Justin Timberlake, the R&B-tinged dance track with its funk vibe was penned by Tracy while he was feeling particularly isolated from months spent quarantining alone in his NYC apartment.  Tracy hopes “Love Yah” serves as a reminder that there is light at the end of this dark COVID tunnel and that if we all do our part, the end will come much sooner.  Be sure to check out the music video that features legendary NYC drag queen Sherry Vine.

“Do It”

John Duff’s new single harkens back to early 2000’s house music but its message is pertinent today. It is a love song to self and a call-to-action to all who are afraid to pursue their dreams out of fear of public perception. Says Duff, “I am here to prove that I can keep coming out, falling on my face, and surviving.” He hopes the song will motivate listeners to do something good for themselves. The cute as a button crooner is certainly feeling good about himself in the music video for “Do It.”   He dances around his living room in six-inch stilettos.

“Underneath My Skin”

Hard muscled Ultey gives his vocals a work out, channeling Adele, in this latest track from his Scars album. “Underneath My Skin” is a passionately theatrical song about heartache, betrayal, and the feelings that linger long after the final goodbye of a lost love.  The song will resonate with anyone who has been at the difficult end of a relationship’s rope, forced to finally cut ties with a love they imagined would last forever.

“Celadon Haze”

Oracle666, a self-identified nonbinary queer femme, makes her musical debut with a Bjork-inspired ethereal trance/pop track about the loves who inspired but didn’t cherish our hearts.  Produced by Meviu§, “Celadon Haze” is dizzying, exciting and an emotional trip.  It is danceable, with a spritely energy, giving listeners the sensation of being at a rave in a grungy Brooklyn warehouse while floating high above the celestial clouds.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels