You know you’ve hit bottom when you’re ensnared in a homophobic PR nightmare and you’re being offered advice from 50 Cent. In an interview with E!’s Nightly Pop, 50 Cent called embattled rapper DaBaby “a really talented, special artist” who is still figuring out how to be in the public eye after igniting a firestorm last month by making offensive comments about gay people and HIV/AIDS, followed by a non-apology, and then another apology that he later took back. Asked whether he thinks DaBaby will be able to weather this storm, 50 Cent said he believes he will, saying, “Yeah, he will. As long as he keeps his consistency with the music. Remember they canceled Chris Brown, five, six times?” Of course, 50 Cent’s almost 20 years of public homophobia, including attacks on Dwyane Wade’s 12 year old transgender daughter, don’t exactly make him the best role-model.

WATCH: 50 Cent Weighs in on DaBaby’s Homophobic Scandal