One mother’s lesson on unconditional love has lit up the internet, forcing (happy) tears on unsuspecting viewers across the world. A twitter user posted the video of Tamra Moon and her son Jesse with the caption, “This is how easy it is to love your child unconditionally.” Other Twitter users chimed in, with one saying, I saw this last night and I cried like a baby and then I read the comments & cried again. One of the comments was to the effect that ‘I knew you before you were born, I imagined what you would be like but that pales in comparison to watching to see who you become.” Another user commented, “Both you and Jesse are so lucky to have each other! I know that little boy is going to grow up being comfortable no matter what! You are the parent I aspire to be! Good luck to you and your family.”

WATCH: Mom’s Video About Unconditional Love Brings Internet to Tears