Now this is the kind of thing we like to hear: a young rising queer star and an experienced New Queer Cinema filmmaker teaming up for something we’re absolutely going to watch. “My Fake Boyfriend” is an LGBTQ+ romcom starring Keiynan Lonsdale (“Love, Simon”), “Modern Family” alum Sarah Hyland and Dylan Sprouse (“After We Collided”), to be directed by Rose Troche of the legendary ’90s lesbian rom-com “Go Fish,” produced under a partnership between Lionsgate and BuzzFeed. Lonsdale, who came out around the time of “Simon,” will play a young man who uses social media to create a fake boyfriend to keep a problem ex out of his life. One problem: he meets a new real boyfriend and has to figure out how to un-create the fake one. It all starts shooting in Canada soon with a current theatrical date of summer 2022. We’re going to vote with our ticket money on this one for sure because we envision a future of queer rom-com domination. The straights have had almost all of them, so now they have to watch ours.