Dear Andreus,

I have recently become vegan and have been trying to get my partner to do the same. I believe that it is a healthier lifestyle and want him to be a part of this change. He is, however, very resistant to any change, and says that he does not intend on giving up steak (which is his favorite). I understand being used to eating certain things, but I just want him to be healthier, especially since he has health issues in the past. How can I get him to understand that vegan living is cleaner, healthier living?


Andrew P.

Dear Andrew,

First, let me congratulate you on your decision to become vegan. That takes a lot of dedication and discipline. That being said, this is not for everyone. It is also not easy for everyone to embrace such a change in lifestyle and eating habits unless there is some type of internal motivation. I, myself, tried to be vegan, and it was short-lived. I enjoy steak, chicken, and fish, and could not handle leaving them out of my diet. There are healthier and cleaner approaches to one’s diet without having to completely remove meats. One such approach, is portion-control. If you are trying to encourage him to make healthier choices, maybe start by limiting the portions of meat, and introducing more vegetables and fruits. If nothing more, this is going to take patience.

Photo by BULBFISH from Pexels