Loved it, hated it, hate-watched it, whatever you did when “And Just Like That…” dropped its magically post-COVID earnestness and fresh Balenciaga bags into your life, well, you’ll get to do it all over again when the series returns for a second season. It turns out we all want to see why Miranda has lost her mind over the comedy concerts of Che Diaz and whether or not Carrie’s hip replacement will take. OK, that’s not really true. But we truly are fully in love with Sarita Choudhury’s character Seema and the last-minute introduction of Rabbi Jen, played by trans actress Hari Nef, and we’d like one or both of them to take over the entire show. But whatever the reasons you’re hanging in there for this decidedly different chapter in the lives of at least three of your favorite “Sex and the City” sisters, HBO isn’t going to leave you hanging. There’s no timeline for any of it yet; according to Michael Patrick King the creative discussions haven’t taken place. But we’re going to guess that another December rollout feels possible? Just don’t hold your breath for Samantha