Billy Porter’s directorial debut, “Anything’s Possible,” is fresh to streaming on Amazon as you read this, so now the “Pose” star is heading back to the other side of the camera. “Our Son,” currently in pre-production from filmmaker Bill Oliver and screenwriter Peter Nickowitz — who previously collaborated on the 2018 feature, “Jonathan” — will star Porter and Luke Evans (“Nine Perfect Strangers”) who will play a married couple going through a divorce and fighting over the custody of their 8-year-old son.

So far Evans and Porter are the only announced cast, and the project is currently nailing down a distributor, so this is early in the process. But we’re thrilled to see two gay actors playing gay roles, resigned to the inevitability of queer media covering the messiness of divorce and custody, and convinced that the creative team will come up with humane and stylish work-throughs regarding which divorcé will be the strict dad on a tight schedule and a car pool rotation shift and which will be the cool dad who takes the kid out for ice cream. Let’s take a safe guess and aim this one for 2023, just in time for the Supreme Court to gut same-sex marriage.