Haven’t listened to “Las Culturistas,” Matt Rogers’ wild, extremely gay podcast with Bowen Yang? Or watched Rogers steal scenes in “Fire Island”? Or caught up to the hilarious Vanessa Bayer sitcom “I Love That For You”? Well, then, correct those errors, please, because the comic actor/writer/everything is no longer up and coming — he’s here and doing it. And word is that casting notices have gone up on for a filmed version of his stage show, “Have You Heard of Christmas?” The concept involves Rogers performing a holiday album of original songs with special guests — one of those casting notices is for a Mariah Carey look-alike — and deranged Christmas cheer. There’s no official word yet on when the special will drop, on which platform it’ll appear, or which surprise comedy guests will collaborate, but we’re already living for this unexpected and queerly cozy holiday news.