The Editorial Board of the Orlando Sentinel has published a scathing takedown of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for what it described as his “foolish, petty, and ultimately selfish political vendetta” against Disney.

DeSantis has made it clear he is unwilling to relent in his feud with the entertainment company — which all began with Disney’s opposition to DeSantis’s Don’t Say Gay law.

The Sentinel’s board skewered DeSantis for gearing up to expend even more effort on battling Disney, saying he wants to waste money “on a small army of very expensive attorneys” instead of actually serving the people of Florida. The board wrote, “Focus on your actual job”

The Sentinel Editorial Board also infused some humor into its editorial, accusing the Governor of allowing his “inner Donald” to govern his actions. “In this case, we mean Donald Duck,” the board wrote.

The editorial board said DeSantis is living in a “Fantasyland” where he “cast himself as the hero” and also lambasted his repeated missteps. It also called out DeSantis for not paying attention to the public agreements Disney made to prevent DeSantis from taking the company’s power.

DeSantis has been ruthlessly mocked for being outplayed by Disney, but he has made it clear his war isn’t ending anytime soon.  They concluded the editorial by writing, “So take your advice from the Queen (and in this case, we mean Queen Elsa). Let. It. Go.”