As Pride Month kicks off, TikTok has joined in the celebration of LGBTQ+ identities, history, and communities in its own way by shouting out a select bunch of LGBTQ+ creators and small business owners whom the platform says they helped and build connection and community on the app. TikTok’s first-ever LGBTQ+ Visionary Voices list is accompanied by new platform-wide initiatives, and company commitment to protecting its LGBTQ+ users, known as the “You Belong Here” campaign.

In the announcement post the company said, “TikTok has been powered by the contributions of our incredible LGBTQIA+ community who inspire millions through their creativity, passion, and advocacy. In honor of Pride Month, TikTok is celebrating and recognizing the collective visibility and impact of our LGBTQIA+ community by introducing our 2023 LGBTQ+ Visionary Voices list and Pride campaign, You Belong Here.”

The app will launch its #ForYourPride hashtag and hub, with TikTok LIVE events and other programming with creators and LGBTQIA+-owned businesses. Other highlights include a #PrideAnthems activation on the app’s Sounds page, which will feature special musical guests like Grammy winner Sam Smith, rapper Villano Antillano, country music duo Brothers Osborne, singer-songwriter Fletcher, singer-producer Victoria Monet, and more curated playlists. The platform will also host webinars and in-person events, like the TikTok Pride Creator Ball celebration in Los Angeles, California.