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What’s Hot July 30th 2009

What's Hot July 30, 2009 What's hot around town, what to do, where to go and the hottest toys and gifts! ...

Woody’s Got Talent: Top Six Favorite Gay Jokes

Hey Woody! What are your favorite gay jokes? --- Waiting for a chuckle Joke #1 Why do gay men name their penises? *Because they want to be on a...

Can I Top with a Small Dick?

Hey, Woody! I'm an average sized guy (almost 6” but not girthy) and I'm interested in a guy that seems to have a preference for...

Who’s The Bottom In Oral?

Who's the Bottom in Oral? Hey  Woody! Settle a bet. When it comes to oral sex, who is the top and who is...

How Do I Get Clean Down There?

How Do I Get Clean Down There?   Hey Woody, Whenever guys meet me, they always assume I'm a bottom. That wouldn't be a...

How to get your Boyfriend to Bottom

  Hey Woody, I thought you might be able to help us. After a month's breakup last year due to infidelity on my part...