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Creep of the Week: Donald Trump

In the middle of a pandemic Trump is literally destroying the post office right before our eyes because he doesn’t want people to be...

Creep of the Week: Jason Rapert

As of this writing 150,000 people in the U.S. are dead because of the novel coronavirus. It’s over half a million worldwide. We still...

Creep of the Week: Mike Pompeo

I’m in Philadelphia visiting my sister and apparently during my trip there were Nazis marching here and chanting “fuck the gays.” Ah, America. Meanwhile, people...

Creep of the Week: Michael Heath

Corporate America, man. Who knew they had the power to do seemingly impossible things like getting the Washington football team that uses a racial...

Creep of the Week: Mark Chambers

I am thinking of changing the title of this column to “Dispatches from Hell,” because I truly feel like every week is just another...

Creep of the Week: Roger Severino

Creep of the Week: Roger Severino By D’Anne Witkowski   Even if you know in your heart of rainbow hearts that the president of the United States...