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Need Wood: Is This a ‘Criminal Minds’ Episode?

Hey Woody!  One day I came home early and snuck upstairs hoping to catch my boyfriend beating off to internet p-rn (he’s a freak about...

Need Wood: Pour Some Sugar on Me!

  Hey Woody! Have you heard about a supplement that’s supposed to make your c-m taste sweet?  Is this real or one of those red flags...

Need Wood: Afternoon Delight

Hey Woody, A lesbian friend I adore wants me to be a sperm donor, but she, ahem, wants it donated in the old fashioned way. Now, I love her and everything, but I'm still going to have a blindfold over my eyes and a clothespin over my nose.

Need Wood: Taking the Hit & Minute Men

Hey, Woody! The good news is that I got us into the soccer play-offs by blocking the opposing team’s penalty kick.  The bad news is...

Need Wood: Who’s Really Intelligent?

Hey Woody! Your advice to people about using poppers SUCKED. What the f--k is “intelligent use of poppers?” There is no such thing as an...

Need Wood: Not That It’s Any of My Business

Hey Woody! Is it true that tea is bad for your libido? Say it isn’t so! ---  Tea for Two.  Or more Dear Tea: Some researchers suspect that...