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While many of us have had our fill of politics, there is always something going on that impacts our community almost daily. From City Hall to the White House, Rick Murray takes a satirical look at what’s happening on the political scene. NOTE: This column is no longer updated.

The Situation February 25, 2010

Vs. Maggie v. Sullie What was anticipated to be the equal rights version of a celebrity death match turned out...

The Situation February 4, 2010

The State of Our Union Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell There appeared to be a great deal of...

The Situation January 28, 2010

Hate on Trial Prop H8 on Trial The makers of California's Proposition 8, the ballot measure...

The Situation January 14, 2010

Family Matters   For all the nonsense we hear spewed about protecting marriage, defending the family, family values, etc., this week...

The Situation December 30, 2009

2009 - Where Did It Go? 2009 has been quite a year. After we endured the last 19 1/2...

The Situation December 17, 2009

GOProud   Apparently gay conservatives were not getting enough grief as Log Cabin Republicans – some felt the incongruity between their political...