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Hotspot Hotties

Kurt Feiter who is German and Guatemalan is 38, and is an Aquarius. He lives in the heart of Wilton Manors.    What’s your perfect date?  A...

Hotspots Hotties: Matheus Lula

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Q&A: Meet Hotspots Hottie Nam Myo

We sat down with cover model Carlos Villar, who recently changed his name to Nam Myo, to find out more about this sexy actor. How...

Hotspots Hottie: Meet Steve Dawson

Steve Dawson Age: 31 Sign: Sagittarius What is your Nationality? Caucasian and Native American is all I really know. What city do you live in? St Petersburg, FL Are you single...

Hotspots Hotties: Meet Cover Model Johnathan Taylor-Austin Arculeo

 Name: Johnathan Taylor-Austin Arculeo Age: 26 Sign: Capricorn Nationality: German Sicilian City I live: FT. Lauderdale Are you single or in a relationship? I have been partnered of four years What...

Meet Hotspots Hotties Damian & David

Names: Damian Manuel Soriano (33, Aries) & David Gómez (24, Scorpio) Nationality: Damian is Cuban and David is Colombian Which city do you live in? We...