As the spring season of love approaches, our favorite indie artists are pulling out some of their most gut-wrenching jams, guaranteed to pull at your heart strings. Get out the tissues for your issues. Here are the top tracks and remixes climbing the music charts this month.


Kristine W

(The Orchard)

With the help of her producer, John Keenan, Kristine W manages to reframe this classic rock single, first released in 1977 by Heart, into a modern-day gem.  They brilliantly keep the song’s original magic while adding a bit of dance influence into the production. The original was written as a testament to Heart’s anger towards the music industry.  Kristine decided to add it to her Issues Episode 1: Love and Lies album because its message fit perfectly with the vibe of her album. The biggest challenge as matching Ann Wilson’s incredible vocals.  Wilson was 18 when she recorded the Heart single, hitting notes in the stratosphere. Kristine admits it took her three sessions but she nails it big time.  This is one of her stand-out singles.

Don’t Leave Too Soon



Singapore pop singing sensation Wils — who revealed he was gay last year with his single, “Open Up Babe” — is back with a new album, Don’t Leave Too Soon.  It features twelve inspiring tracks that shed light on the darker side of the rainbow.  Songs like “Have To Let You Go” (about his friend committing suicide) and “Hurting” (about a friend who loses his husband to illness) reflect on all aspects of loss: the emptiness, hopelessness and rejection, as well as the courage and strength it takes to persevere after saying goodbye.    His uplifting messages throughout this impressively produced album is a reminder to reach out to friends who may be in trouble and make sure they are okay.  “Como Tu,” a song about living your authentic self despite what others think of you — that Wils sings in Spanish! — is a particularly moving track that will make hearts gush.

“Pieces: The Remixes”

Avery Raquel


This teenaged contemporary soul phenomenon makes her club music chart debut with the incredible StoneBridge remix of her pop song, “Pieces,” the second single from her My Heart Away album. Much like Taylor Swift’s best tracks, the emotion from the song stems from Avery’s own experience getting out of a relationship gone bad and reminds listeners that if you feel the need to remind yourself to be happy, then the relationship is toxic. The song has an 80’s Debbie Gibson retro sound with its horns and swinging beat. StoneBridge artfully keeps many of the magical elements from the radio edit yet makes the song his own with a high energy beat.  “Pieces” is different from any other tracks playing on dancefloors today and that is what makes it so special.

“Missing Half”

Project Moses

The out singer explores the tumultuous relationship he had with his now deceased father in this, his first single from his new visual album, Better Man. The ominous ballad is a love letter to his dad, meant to convey the sometimes-conflicting feelings many of us have for the people who raised us. Project Moses remembers his father as a strict disciplinarian who he admired and mimicked to earn his love. But as Project Moses matured and he could no longer ignore his truth, he says their values began to clash. The music video echoes the melancholy tone of the single. Shot mostly in black and white, it depicts Project Moses wandering in New York City. Everywhere he goes, he is haunted by shadows of his father. It’s a beautiful piece of work with a hopeful message that reminds us that our missing halves can be found within us.