Dear Andreus,

I have always believed that a serious relationship means that we must live together, probably a symptom of my traditional upbringing. My boyfriend says that he likes living alone because he likes his space. This is a new concept for me, and it makes me uncomfortable. Is it really okay for partners to live apart, and can you have a functional relationship this way?


Ryan G.

Dear Ryan,

We certainly live in a more modern world now, and this means that it changes the face and shape of relationships as we once knew them. People have all kinds of new ideas of what a relationship is, and sometimes being with someone means that we must venture outside of our comfort zone. You must decide whether this is the right situation for you. Yes, a relationship can thrive when partners live apart if there is trust and communication. It could be a good thing. It might make the time that you have together even more special.  Try it before you knock it!