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Why Can’t I C*m Inside of Him?

Why Can’t I C*m Inside Of Him?   Hey, Woody!   I'm a total top. Love the feeling, the power trip, the...

Sex In 2010 Special Edition

Sex in 2010 Special Edition   What's sex going to be like in 2010? It'll be a game of musical chairs...

Gay for Pay

Gay For Pay   Hey, woody! “Straight” guys doing porn. Right. What a crock of crap! “Gay-for-pay” is nothing but a marketing slogan...

Too Scared to have Sex

Too Scared To Have Sex   Hey, Woody!   I had my first HIV test about two-and-a-half years ago. I'm sorry to say...

Are We Just Friends?

Are We Just Friends?   Hey, Woody!   So, I met this guy on a hookup site strictly as friends. I've got a...

Asking For What You Want

Asking for What You Want   Hey Woody!   Of all the guys that have f--ked me (and honey, the McDonald's “billions served”...