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Sex With Office Mate

Tips for Getting Together - Hey Woody! I’m 42, and everything still works. There is this 18 year old at my place of...

Am I Too Nelly?

Hey, Woody!   I’m 18, have a nice body, cute butt and all that, but nobody online hits me up. I think what’s causing...

Good Boy or Slut?

Good Boy or Slut? Hey, Woody! I'm a 19-year-old college student that kinda went crazy during my freshman year, mostly with the help of...

New Year’s Sex Jokes

New Year’s Sex Jokes   Dear Readers,   The recession is so bad even sex asked for a government bailout. I can't think...

Can I Top with a Small Dick?

Hey, Woody! I'm an average sized guy (almost 6” but not girthy) and I'm interested in a guy that seems to have a preference for...

Why Can’t I C*m Inside of Him?

Why Can’t I C*m Inside Of Him?   Hey, Woody!   I'm a total top. Love the feeling, the power trip, the...