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Power Bottom 101

Hey Woody, I've never been f*cked before. I want to do it but I'm really afraid of the pain and discomfort. What's the best...

The Risk of Bareback Topping

 Hey Woody, In a recent article you said that bareback topping is the #2 avenue for HIV infection, with bareback bottoming being #1....

Needing Drugs to Bottom

Hey Woody, I certainly appreciate what you said about sex, pain and cocaine a few columns back, but for me it's pot and the...

Need Wood: Scraping the Bottom of His Barrel

  Hey, Woody! I bought a couple of dildos to try loosening me up (one was about 7” and the other a thick one about 9”). ...

Is ‘Pee-Shy’ a Legitimate Condition?

Hey Woody! I’ve got a problem I’m too embarrassed to ask anyone about. Whenever I go out, especially to the bars, I can’t seem to...

Can He be ‘Happy to See Me’ if He’s Sleeping?

Hey Woody! Don’t laugh, but my boyfriend f--ks me when he’s asleep. I know he’s not pretending because he snores while he’s f--king me! It...