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Mind, Body and Soul: How to Self-Treat Minor Injuries from Sports...

  Sometimes people get injured and, perhaps because they know it is not serious, they put up with pain rather than treating the injury. Maybe...

Mind, Body and Soul: Can You Guess His Age?

Read the feature in our digital magazine: http://digital.hotspotsmagazine.com/i/635181/129

Mind Body & Soul: Power Food: The Banana

Bananas give an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy, as they contain three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose.  According to researchers,...

Mind, Body and Soul: My Shoulder Hurts

  Most of the joints in our bodies have a limited range of motion, and the connection with the adjacent bone protects them from injury....

Mind, Body and Soul: Sea, Sun, Sand, Surf and Sex

  Summer will soon be here, and the beach will often be the coolest and most fun place to spend your days off. Suddenly the pressure...

Mind, Body and Soul: Early Warning Signs of Cancer

Most of us are aware that the recovery rate from most cancers is markedly better if the treatment comes at an early stage.  The...