Mrs Beasley

What can we say? Beasley speaks her mind and struts her stuff as only she can. From gossip to hot news, you’ll find it here. Local or international, Beasley digs deep and gets answers to questions many are too afraid to ask. Whether it’s hot off the streets or hot off the net, you’ll find it here. NOTE: This column is no longer updated.

Beasley June 4 2009

In Issue23 Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley    “There are two plans: your plan and God's plan,...

Beasley May 28th 2009

In Issue22 Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley   “ Be careful who you step on on the way up, you may have to...

Beasley May 21st 2009

In Issue21 Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley  “Friends are like condoms, they protect you when things get hard.”- AnonCondolences

Beasley May 14th 2009

In Issue20 Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley  “Life is too short to not tell someone you love them if you...

Beasley April 30th 2009

In Issue 18 Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley  “In America sex is an obsession, in  other parts of the world...

Beasley April 23rd 2009

In Issue 17 Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley  “The best cure for a hangover is something one straight man can't do for...